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Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Canvas

Product Overview

Take your Nanoleaf Canvas to the next level. Create a multi-dimensional design with your panels: bend around corners, stretch to the ceiling (requires Screw Mount Kit), mount to angled surfaces, maybe even create something a little radical.

What's in the Box?

  • [9] Flexible Linkers for Nanoleaf Canvas

Use in place of the standard linkers that ship with your Nanoleaf Canvas product—each linker bends up to 180 degrees. Learn more about Nanoleaf Canvas at nanoleaf.me/canvas. Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Canvas product line.

Customer Reviews

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Decent enough but better fixing solutions required all round

These were sent to me as I incorrectly ordered "normal" flexible linkers which don't work with the Canvas product. So be careful when ordering.

They do what they say they do. But one of my biggest issues I have with the Nanoleaf product is how they are installed. I may be an edge case, but am using these as a ceiling light. They therefore need to be flush to the ceiling.

If they then need to be taken down (for a faulty in wall PSU for example!) they are very, very difficult to get off without snapping the non-flexible linkers. The flexible linkers half cure this problem but fear they get squashed under the panels so am not sure on longevity. They are also easy enough to snap where the ribbon joins the harder connector.

I've now resorted to lightweight, ultra thin velcro fixings which seem to be working OK. But that doesn't really get around the snapping linkers issue (it lessens it as the panels come off the ceiling more easily with less force...but it still happens!).

When I ordered the Canvas I also ordered the fixing kit, but despite having fresh plasterboard on the ceiling, those brackets are just too flexible themselves to work well - the panels kept on unclipping from them. They also don't leave the panels flush to the ceiling. I now have plenty of holes in the ceiling as a result (fortunately hidden by the panels.

I love the Nanoleaf idea, but the execution in my use case is not great for a product that costs so much money.

One thing I will say is that the customer service guys are very good :)


Flex Linkers

Came as described and works well.

Enchanting Lights

I love how versatile these lights are, and you have the ability to choose from a large repository of different light combinations that will be sure to fit any mood. I bought one pair and loved it so much that I bought three more. They are pricy but in the long run it brightens my mood and rooms and was worth it to me. I use one as a light for when I’m on Zoom calls, then switch it over to a Falling Forest combo or Glowing Embers. It’s amazing and extremely versatile!

Get it!

It enabled me to create 45 degree connected panels which can be used to connect panels on wall corner or ceiling,

Very satisfied!

I love this company and their designs! Never dissapoints!

Customer Reviews

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