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Nanoleaf Lines Expansion Pack (3 Lines)
Brittney Johnson (Maple Ridge, CA)
Worth the purchase

I got the expansion pack (for a total of 12 lines) and love all the variety you can make! I'm already planning to get another set for my bedroom!

Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit (9 Lines)
Brittney Johnson (Maple Ridge, CA)
So much fun!

I love these lights and they've completely changed my living room! You can create a lot of different shapes with 9 lines and it adds a lot of personality to the room. Worth the purchase! Very happy! :)

Nanoleaf 3+1 expansion

Good product and price

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
Sarah C (Melbourne, AU)

So cool and love the colour and shape woopwoop thank you

Nanoleaf Lines Skins (9 Pack) - Matte Black
Jorge Morales (Sherwood Park, CA)
Good, simple, but...

I really like the mate colour and how aesthetically pleasing it looks with the black lines. The only problem and this is a minor problem and not a deal-breaker, is that they only cover the lines and power centers tops. The power center's sides are still white, the same as the control center.
Again, not a deal-breaker and it does look good in every sense but it's just a small detail that I noticed after setting them up.

Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit (9 Lines)
Jorge Morales (Calgary, CA)
A totally different experience!

Love them! As simple as that. They were pretty neatly packed and worked without any issues. The setting up was easy and quick as well.
They are brighter than I expected so I need to keep the intensity to 30%-40% depending on the mode.

Totally recommend them to anyone wanting to add a whole different experience to their rooms.

Nanoleaf Lines Skins (9 Pack) - Matte Black
wolfofthestars (Duncan, US)
Black and White Art During the Day - Colorful Glow at Night

I bought enough to cover all of our lines and turn them black, but then my husband had the idea of doing only some in the black and leaving the tips white. So our mountain design above our TV is more of an art piece now. I love it!

Nanoleaf Shapes | Mini Triangle Smarter Kit
Emily Brooke (Auckland, NZ)
Nano leaf

Absolutely love it best purchase ever.


Bought a couple of mini triangle starter kits and I couldn't be happier with them. I'll be expanding further

Good controler

Working well

Thread Enabled Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Michel Müsken (Krefeld, DE)

Ein Super Service und mega schnell

Control Square for Nanoleaf Canvas (No PSU)
Björn Davidsson (Lund, SE)

I had a faulty control panel. This got everything working again.

Nanoleaf Shapes | Triangle Starter Kit
Björn Davidsson (Lund, SE)

Got my panels working again!

Nanoleaf Canvas Control Square (No PSU)
Monica Kochylema (Regina, CA)

Last one had an issue so I called support. Super friendly, no hassle, promptly sent me a new one with my warranty. Easy to change, works great.

Nanoleaf Essentials | 2M Lightstrip
William Weller (Minneapolis, US)

Nice Lights

Merci nanoleaf

Reçu en quelques jours suite à une panne du précédent nanoleaf a tres vite résolu mon problème. Une commande de remplacement reçue très vite. Je suis très contente

Great Product!

Sad to see these wonderful light, that started it all retire. I love my set and my friends love the ambiance it gives off. I am so glad I purchased these

Rigid Linkers for Nanoleaf Canvas (9pcs)
Dave penny (Coquitlam, CA)
Perfect replacements

The best choice for replacement linkers. The flexible ones have too much of a gap and can look odd

Control Square for Nanoleaf Canvas (No PSU)

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
Cameron Schuster (Portland, US)
Hexagon smarter kit

Little hard to get them set up and the adhesive will pull the plaster off your wall but they are amazing and totally worth it. Curates the vibe for sure

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Anonymous (Fort George Meade, US)
I love these

I never thought that I would be excited about light bulbs. These are awesome, we live in an older house that in some rooms doesn't have a lot of natural light. Since installing these light bulbs it always feels bright and happy in our house, it makes the mornings and nights easier because the lights go from bright white to warm. In some areas where there was only one light bulb we added light strips behind the furniture and that really brightened up those rooms. We have a setting to dim them for movies or relaxing in bed. If your mood is affected by the weather these are for you. If you have the money, just by some, you will not be disappointed, worth every penny.

Nanoleaf Essentials | Lightstrip Extension
Anonymous (Fort George Meade, US)
Great Product

The are just as awesome as the main light strip, they plug in to the main strip easily and work great. Keep in mind while you are installing them, not to pull too hard trying to keep the line tight or you might unplug it from the other strip.

Nanoleaf Essentials | 2M Lightstrip
Anonymous (Fort George Meade, US)
Incredible Product

These are awesome light strips, they are super bright and easy to install. They stick great on most surfaces, but make sure you dust and clean the area before installing them.

Helpful customer service

Customer Service was fast and helpful. Very responsive.

Happy with the purchase

Good quality product but took quite a while to arrive.



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