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Happy farmer

I put it under my bed and it’s absolutely amazing

Surprisingly Bright

Had these lights set up for a few weeks now and I love them, they're on every moment that I'm home. They are also incredibly bright, but this isn't an issue as the brightness is easily customizable. I don't think I've had them above 45% brightness consistently since buying them but at >60% they're bright enough to light up my entire bedroom. I'll definitely be looking for sales to buy more pieces!

Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Caleb Meadows (Atlanta, US)

I love the product have had it for months but the controller that connects to the panels doesn’t work anymore, it doesn’t light up anymore and the panels start lit up white and the Wi-Fi name is gone so I can’t connect to it

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
J. Scott Christianson Christianson (Columbia, US)
Love it!!

easy to install. make me much more calm.

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Starter Kit

Amazing product

This Nanoleaf have found their place in my living room : innovative products and great prices !

Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Shane (Buffalo, US)
Froze on white

My controller stoped working and panels are froze on white. They keep just a telling me to reset it but everything was frozen even after unplugging Trash

Nanoleaf Gift Card
A.P. (Tampa, US)

Great product. Gifted it to my friend who does home automation

Nanoleaf Shapes | Triangle Smarter Kit
Matt Prochenka (Calgary, CA)
Awesome talking point

My brother and I got a set of nanoleaf lights couple years ago and after our initial hiccups with setup and wifi issues we’ve had nothing but good experiences… After we installed a second set and added some smart bulbs friends keep telling us our mancave looks like a club! Hope to get more lights soon for the upstairs… Nanoleaf, can you guys help us out and hook us up with a good discount? 😉

Better than LIFX

Really happy Nanoleaf ended up releasing their own version of led strips. I had been using LIFX strips and while there’s nothing wrong with them, I wished I could stay consistent with the brand and use one app to control everything since I have other Nanoleaf products. Now I can!

Nanoleaf Shapes | Expansion Packs
Cole Brockbank (Nuneaton, GB)

I picked up 10 mini shape triangles to add to my current big shape triangles. They're fantastic! Cannot recommend enough

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
Robert Gray (Richmond, US)

Love the quality, look and customization. Highly recommend if want to raise the vibes.

Light panels great, shipping blazing fast.

The light panels are as expected. My real positive surprise was the shipping, that was super fast :)

Nanoleaf Rhythm
robert duckmanton (Worksop, GB)
ryhtmn controller

only bought this as a spare as they are had to get better to have it and not need it than need it and not got it

Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements
Povilas Bilevicius (Dublin, IE)

Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Safiya Ransome (Upper Marlboro, US)

Works so nicely!

Nanoleaf Elements Smarter Kit (7PK)
Jason Smith (Lincoln, US)

Pricey but I have been surprised how much I like the ambiance they provide.

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Will Matthews (Toronto, CA)
Great bulbs, great value!

Great build quality, well-priced, they don’t need a hub, and they make for a great part of a Thread kit!

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Andrew Rich (Washington, US)
Easy to set up, uses new Thread protocol

Just use these through HomeKit. Easy enough to set up with HomeKit. Happy to future-proof a bit with lightbulbs using the new Thread communications protocol. Brightness and color variations are good enough for me.

Control Square for Nanoleaf Canvas (No PSU)
David Kump (Falling Waters, US)
Excellent Customer Service

My experience with my customer service representative was perfect. Kudos to this company

Nanoleaf Rhythm (Module Only)
Customer (Central, HK)
This is something Hue should have made.

A hardware control sensor is always more accurate than a software one and I’m glad Nanoleaf went the hardware route. Although I had a few times where the sensor was struck and had to be taken off and replugged in, it is very reliable while in action. The responsive is eons above the software version that Philips hue provide. I’ve used it for about 4 years and it’s still going strong.

75W Power Supply for Nanoleaf Shapes
Jonas Lima (Asunción, PY)

75W Power Supply for Nanoleaf Shapes

Nanoleaf Shapes | Mini Triangle Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit
Jonas Lima (Asunción, PY)

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf Shapes | Mini Triangle Expansion Packs (50PK)



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