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Nanoleaf 4D | TV Screen Mirror + Lightstrips Starter Kit | 5.2M | For TV up to 85'' / 216cm | 12V, 2

Take your entertainment beyond the screen. Nanoleaf 4D is a screen mirror camera kit that syncs the colors on your screen onto the addressable gradient LED lightstrip mounted behind it.

Experience the ultra-immersive "4D" effect as the vibrant backlighting illuminates your space with the colors from your favorite shows, movies, and video games.

For a levelled-up entertainment experience, enable "Sync+" in the Nanoleaf App to extend the screen sync effects across 50+ Nanoleaf RGB lights—like Nanoleaf Shapes, Lines, and Essentials.

- Ultra Vivid Screen Mirroring
- Trimmable Lightstrip
- Privacy Cover for Camera
- Use with TV Screens or Monitors

What's in the Box?

1x Screen Mirror Camera
1x Camera Mount
1x Magnetic Privacy Cover
1x Addressable Gradient Lightstrip
4x Lightstrip Corner Brackets
1x Nanoleaf 4D Controller
1x Power Supply

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Welsh Legend
Nanoleaf 4D Works Eventually

Setup everything as per instructions which are very basic and written in very small text. You can go to site but instructions are the same but at least you can make them big enough to see. Told me Nanoleaf 4D does not work on 5 Mhz network so had to swap the connection to 2.4 Mhz. Next it told me that 4D will not work as require firmware update which takes a long time. It wouldnt work for a while but then started working, not sure what I did. However when you get it working it is amazing. The mirroring 4D effect is very impressive.

Stuart Howitt (Camden, GB)
Rubbish product and even worse support

When using 4D mode LED’s flicker at times, changing to 3D better but with random pulsating effect and then there’s the random blacks showing as red.
Support is utterly useless, in fact probably the worst I have encountered for ny product.
Wouldn’t recommend and definitely won’t be purchasing and future Nanoleaf products.



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