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Replacement Lines 60 Degrees Power Connector with Processor

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Product Overview

Replacement Controller with processor for use in the EU and UK. Works with Nanoleaf Lines 60 Degrees

What's in the Box?

  • 1x Lines 60 Degrees Power Connector with Processor

Learn more at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Lines product line.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Simpson
Replacement Lines 60 Degrees Power Connector with Processor

Works like a charm, thanks Nanoleaf!

Dan Morgan (Barking, GB)
Amazing service!

My Nanoleaf processor broke, and after a very painless exchange of emails with their support, they shipped me a replacement device exceptionally quickly and it worked a treat. Astonishingly good service, hence writing this review since people are often quick to moan but slow to praise!

Anonymous (East Dulwich, GB)
Nanoleaf should do a full recall of this.

I have had the Nanoleaf Lines for two years, and the power connector with processor has failed twice in this time (each after about a year). Fortunately, both have occurred within the initial 2 year warranty (and credit to Nanoleaf's customer service, both replacements were shipped without much questioning and quickly), however with each only lasting a year I am not hopeful for how long the third one will last. The lights should last for 20+ years! One fault is bad luck, two faults when there is a specific category for the type of fault on Nanoleafs website shows that they know this is a manufacturing problem and they should really do a full recall, but that would be too expensive for them.

Azza (Woking, GB)
Presumably a known fault ? Dangerously warm ?!

As per other reviews....this is obviously a "known fault product" - i've never ever been able to order a replacement part SO easily.

Mine burnt out, you could actually smell the burnt pieces. The processor seems to get hot when left on, even if the actual lights aren't on - this could be a fire hazard ?!

I'm on my 2nd unit, but i've already engaged support to try and send me a replacement as i have ZERO confidence that it will last very long.

Jake P (Wandsworth, GB)

These things really don’t last long. I should know as I’m on my third replacement after less than 2 years. Save yourself the trouble and don’t invest in Nanoleaf.



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