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Soft Bundle : GU10 Matter 6PK (EU)

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Marc (Queens, US)
Connection drops and sharp color changes

The Matter GU10 bulbs were a hope for me for inexpensive light sources that work simply and straightforwardly. Directly at the release, I therefore purchased the Matter GU10 bulbs in a pack of 6. The setup in Apple Home worked for all the bulbs. After a software update, the control in Apple Home was also much better. Only and only have some bulbs in between connection problems. Two light bulbs installed in the ceiling are sometimes not controllable for hours, although a thread border router and other GU10 light bulbs as thread devices are in the same room with the Apple HomePod Mini. In the Nanoleaf app itself, the controllability works much better, but that does me no good if I can not control them with Siri. The activation of Nanoleaf scenes from the Nanoleaf app is sometimes not applied to all light bulbs, because once again a light bulb has not responded. Changing colors is - unlike competing products - very hard and not soft in transition. Plus points are given for the fair price and the support of Matter. However, everything else is not solved very well and urgently needs to be fixed by the support.



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